Effective Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control is an essential service for those who live in or around a metropolitan area. Without this service, damage to property and infestation of pests would result. Mosquito Control is usually managed by the local level, including through city or county government. The kind of Mosquito Control methods used by a particular program greatly depends on whether the population of mosquitoes to be dealt with is big or small, the terrain of the place, and the nature of mosquito habitats. For a large area, there is the use of trucks with mosquito traps and poison-free baits. If the situation is little, manual traps and spraying with insecticides are sufficient.

During the summer season, mosquito control is usually best done at the home level. For one, there is no active transportation of adult mosquitoes from one place to another. Adult mosquitoes are known to lay their eggs during the summer, so if you see a lot of adult mosquitoes outside, then you probably have an infestation of some sort inside your home. A good approach to dealing with adult mosquitoes is to block their access to food and water. This can be achieved by covering pans and plates with plastic and sealing cracks and seams. Another way to block their access to food and water is to make sure that stagnant water is cleaned away regularly.

The approach for dealing with immature and adult mosquitoes, however, is slightly different. Mosquito Control procedures in such cases may be more difficult. Mosquito Control districts usually have programs set up to deal with these kinds of mosquito problems. In some regions, whole communities are signed up to carry out a uniform program. This is done because each district wants to conserve as much water as possible, especially during summer, and wants to avoid mosquito breeding. Since adult and immature mosquitoes lay their eggs during the spring and summer months, and since they lay their larvae and eggs around pools, well-designed mosquito control districts can be extremely effective in containing the problems caused by adult and immature mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents available today can do a great deal to reduce mosquito activity. Mosquito repellent products use a combination of various active ingredients to repel mosquitoes and keep them away from you, while providing protection against bites from mosquitoes when outdoors. Mosquito repellents that contain citrus extracts, plant steroids, or other chemicals work very well in suppressing mosquito activity.

Mosquito repellents containing various synthetic chemical ingredients, including toxic chemicals like the insecticide Cylert, are less effective. Such products cannot protect you from mosquitoes long enough to allow them to lay their eggs, so they have limited effect. And, despite claims to the contrary, Cylert-resistant strains of Aedes Aegypti are currently on the rise throughout the United States, potentially poisoning and/or killing many mosquito-targeting birds and animals. Some of the bird and animal populations that are being targeted by Aegypti may not be worth saving, since they are a protected species in their area.

Mosquito repellents containing low acute toxicity are highly recommended for use around humans. The Environmental Protection Agency has established maximum safe levels for household products that may be used on children and pets. The levels of such toxins that may affect human health are quite low, especially compared to the poisons contained by adult mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent is an excellent choice for protecting yourself and your family from the risks posed by mosquitoes.

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